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Indium Corporation Solder Material

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Solder Fortification® Preforms

are often the easiest and most reliable way to get more solder volume to a solder joint. Solder Fortification Preforms are packed in tape and reel like chip components and can therefore get placed automatically on your pick and place line whenever you need more solder volume at some of your larger SMDs.

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special preforms

are available for soldering multiple pins of aconnector in one step, soldering cable connections, mounting repeatable solder depots onto PCBs and numerous other applications.Also available with flux coating.

AdoptSMT is the distributorfor Austria and Switzerland of all solder materials producedby Indium Corporation. With the large selection of alloys and fluxes we can always find the best solution for your special application.

Here we can just show some headlines. Talk to us about your application using the form at the end of this page or use the request for quote form in the catalog below.

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