we keep your analog siplace machines running

ASM have informed customers that they cannot continue to guarantee the spare parts supply
for SIPLACE pick and place machines with analogue vision systems.

AdoptSMT can help you to keep your SIPLACE machines running.

SSF Feeder

Hover-Davis SSF feeders are now the only new feeders on the market to replace SIPLACE S feeders used on SIPLACE D-Series, HF /HF3, HS-50 / HS-60, C-Series, 80 Sxx(HM), 80Fx (HM) and some X-Series machines.

Supported by Hover-Davis we are even offering a Trade-In Bonus of up to EUR 200,- per new Hover-Davis SSF 3x8mm feeder when we receive back a used but complete SIPLACE S feeder. Valid in our Hover-Davis sales areas as quoted individually.

Hover-Davis SSF feeders are available as

  • 8mm Triple Lane - Pick position compatible to SIPLACE silver and gold feeders
  • 8mm Triple Lane SLc - Pick position compatible to SIPLACE SL feeder
  • 12/16mm feeder
  • 24/32mm feeder
  • 44mm feeder
  • 56mm feeder

Advantages of Hover-Davis SSF feeders (besides still being available with 2 years warranty):

Precision and durability

  • Motion profiles of stepper motor drive systems with gentle acceleration and deceleration keep even poorly taped components from tipping.
  • Drive system measures tape position by checking the actual feed tooth location with dual precision optical sensors. Position measurement in OEM feeder is affected by wear of the worm gear. Positioning in OEM feeder is also affected by the mechanical hard stop.
  • Hover-Davis pioneered the shutterless tape window and incorporates tape control features that restrict component vibration.

Ease of use

  • Single piece tape window top loading design allows quick and easy loading.
  • Lane status indicators inform operators of feeder performance.
  • Larger (30%) cover tape reservoir reduces operator intervention.
  • Reverse gear makes loading easier and eliminates waste.
  • No lubrication and maintenance needed.
  • Electronic calibration.
  • Lower weight compared to OEM feeder.
Feeder service

AdoptSMT is offering feeder service for all feeders for SIPLACE machines.

The experienced AdoptSMT feeder service teams in Austria and Poland are using modern test and calibration tools and are servicing customer feeders and stock feeders for re-sale.


AdoptSMT is buying, overhauling and selling feeders for all feeders for SIPLACE machines. All SIPLACE S feeder types are available from stock or with short lead times.

feeder PARTS for SIPLACE

Take advantage of our large purchasing volume resulting in lower purchasing prices. We are forwarding these cost savings to you. We have most wear parts of S feeders always available either as original parts or as AdoptSMT Premium Parts.

Examples of original parts:

  • Drive Motor for 3x8mm S Feeder
  • Motor for Foil Insert Guide, 3x8mm S Feeder
  • Connecting Cable for 3x8mm and for 12 to 56mm S Feeder

Examples of AdoptSMT Premium Parts:

  • Pick Up Windows for 3x8mm, 2x8mm, 12/16mm, 24/32mm S feeders
  • Transport Wheel
  • Belt Clip for 12mm Belt
  • Spring plate complete
SIPLACE pick and place EQUIPMENT

AdoptSMT buys, overhauls, sells or rents SIPLACE machines and complete lines of all generations starting at S20/F4. Please use AdoptSMT equipment search or send us your request.

Remarketing of equipment you no longer need

AdoptSMT is the partner you can trust for 25 years. We reach out to 25,000 contacts in the electronics industry. Please contact us in case you are interested in re-marketing your equipment.


Please check our 44 page SIPLACE catalog or contact us directly with your needs. Here we can just show some examples of AdoptSMT Original, Premium and Renew offers.

Some examples of SIPLACE spare parts below.

NEW! Premium Flat Ribbon Cable Sets for Portals

As Flat Ribbon Cable Sets are no more available at the OEM, we at AdoptSMT designed such Cable Sets in premium Quality and are getting these made in Europe. Both for our overhauling activities and also to keep your SIPLACE machines running.

Flat Ribbon Cable Sets are available for Portals of S20, F4, F5, S23-S27, CS, F5HM, CF HS50 and HS60.

Axis Motors for SIPLACE 80 S/F and HS machines

AdoptSMT is overhauling the following motors and offering these for sale and in part exchange:

  • 00318553-xx Motor X-Axis S20,F4,F5
  • 00318603-xx Motor Y-Axis S20,F4,F5
  • 00334153-xx Motor X-Axis S23-S27, F5HM, CS, CF
  • 00334154-xx Motor Y-Axis S23-S27, F5HM, CS, CF
  • 00333167-xx Motor X-Axis HSxx

SIPLACE Tape Cutter

When tape cutters start to miss some tapes, it is usually not (only) the sharpness of the cutter blade. AdoptSMT knows the other points of wear like the base plate and hinges and does a complete overhaul of your tape cutter sent in for repair and on the tape cutters in stock to be sold in part exchange.

AdoptSMT performs complete overhaul of these tape cutters:

  • 00315060-xx Tape Cutter with rotation knife for SIPLACE 80S/F
  • 00328647-xx Tape Cutter pneumatic for SIPLACE 80 S/F
  • 00324065-xx Tape Cutter pneumatic for SIPLACE HS
  • 03019941-xx Tape Cutter pneumatic for SIPLACE HF/X
  • 03052900-xx Tape Cutter pneumatic for SIPLACE HF/X
  • 03066690-xx Tape Cutter pneumatic for SIPLACEHF/X

Communication units and Cables for SIPLACE feeder trollies

AdoptSMT is overhauling communication units from customers and from stock and is offering these also in part exchange. We are understocked on communication units for HF and are looking to purchase such units, even
defective ones.

Our Premium Cables for feeder trollies HS and HF are "Made in Europe".

Examples of Original New Parts in stock

  • 00119988-01 and 00119989-01 Pin Picker left and right SX4
  • 00119995-01 Set Standard Support Pins

Check on our homepage for our availability of your required parts with just a few mouse clicks or contact AdoptSMT with article number and description.

SIPLACE Nozzle Magazines for 7xx/9xx nozzles

AdoptSMT was the first to bring Aluminum shutters to the market and is continuing to offer the repair of nozzle magazines and is also offering the single parts for in-house repair. The replacement of the plastic shutter by an Aluminum shutter took away the biggest problem of the original nozzle magazine.

When repairing many hundred nozzle magazines, AdoptSMT saw that other problems like wear of the location holes, not durable nozzle garages and a weak grip of the nozzles couldn’t be cured by retrofits. This lead to the complete new AdoptSMT full metal design. This is the nozzle magazine which will not lose
the nozzles and will not stop the machine because of jamming. Many hundred AdoptSMT full metal magazines are installed and keep SIPLACE machines running without problems.

AdoptSMT can offer a discount on the following original nozzle magazines while stock lasts:

  • 00328842-03 PW6 Nozzle magazine for nozzles type 8xx
  • 03001807-01 and 03005191-02 Nozzle magazines for TwinHead
  • 03066107-02 Nozzle magazine type 20xx
  • 03101503-01 Nozzle magazine type 40xx

AdoptSMT Premium Parts Ceramic Nozzles made in Europe

  • Nozzle 704/904
  • Nozzle 725/925
  • Nozzle 701/901
high value siplace parts overhauled, Premium parts

Placement Heads repaired, overhauled and offered in Repair Exchange

Head Boards repaired, overhauled and offered in Repair Exchange

Cameras repaired, overhauled and offered in Repair Exchange

Calibration of cameras with FCCS tool available in our workshops and on site

Valve Plungers available as Premium Parts

Cleaning Sticks available as Premium Parts

Nozzle Sleeves repaired, overhauled and offered in Repair Exchange


Please visit our Web Product Search, in order to check availability of thousands SIPLACE parts in real time.


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