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Feeders for Through Hole components

AdoptSMT Hover-Davis Radial Automation Feeder with SIPLACE X interface and others.

OEM Original New

NEW: Radial Feeder for SIPLACE X feeder interface

AdoptSMT have finished the integration of the Hover-Davis Radial Automation Feeder for SIPLACE SX / X series and other placement machines with SIPLACE X feeder interface. The new feeder is compact, easy to integrate and easy to retrofit for other component sizes.


Compatible with all ASM Pick & Place Machines using SIPLACE X feeders

For radial components, capacitors, varistors, LEDs and many more (see technical details)

Low investment costs

Compatible with passive clinch

Proven Hover-Davis quality

Compact design, just 10 feeder slots

Easy to use

Short set-up times

Provides the ability to splice tapes; empty tape detection

Can be set up like a standard tape feeder on the feeder table

Wide component spectrum

Simple and cost-effective conversion to other component sizes in less than 10 minutes

Includes removeable reel holder for Ammo Pack or Reel

Integrated clamping and cutting device

Radial Feeder with ASM SIPLACE X Interface by AdoptSMT, Component pickup with SIPLACE SX

See a video of how to setup a new component in an AdoptSMT Radial Automation Feeder

On the feeder cart, the compact design of the feeder becomes clear.
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Additional Through Hole Feeders

AdoptSMT is finalizing the integration of an Axial Feeder for the SIPLACE X Feeder interface right now. Additional feeders with automation interface and SIPLACE X interface will follow soon. AdoptSMT can work with you to also fit your special feeders to SIPLACE machines.

Please find technical details in the catalog below.

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