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Nozzles & consumables, feeders, spares and service, equipment spares

OEM Original New
AdoptSMT Premium New


Nozzles for Fuji NXT

Nozzles for Heads H01, H04,H04S, H08/H12, H08M and H24

Nozzles for Fuji CP

Premium Nozzles for CP4 and CP6 series SMD inserters.

Custom Nozzles

Count On Tools custom nozzles for special applications, e.g. picking and placing LEDs.

Feeders for NXT and CP-6

AdoptSMT is buying, overhauling and selling Fuji NXT feeders.

Feeder spares

Spare parts for NXT, CP/QP/IP feeder service.

Feeder Service

Service for Fuji Feeders starting at EUR 78.

NXT Filters and Consumables

Standard NXT head filters. Original New consumables as specified by Fuji for NXT machines.

Dispense Needles for Fuji GL

Dispense needles for Fuji GL series dispensers.

Machine and Bord Handling Spares

Spare parts for Fuji SMD Mounters (incl. NXT) and Board Handling Systems.

Hover-Davis DDf Innova Direct Die Feeder

Turn a chip shooter into a Flip Chip Shooter, a SMT machine into an Advanced Semiconductor Assembly solution and a custom automation platform into a Flexible Semi-conductor Assembly solution. By utilizing DDf technology, customers may realize significant savings by:

Eliminating separate and dedicated production lines for SMT, bare die, and flip chip by combining them into one.

Enabling total assembly solutions with much higher speed and flexibility, resulting in lower cost per placement.

Eliminating costly, non-value added processes, such as intermediate die transfer into pocketed tape, surf-tape, or waffle packs prior to placement.

Please ask for a quote.

Hover-Davis QF Series Tape Feeders: Multipitch, 8-120 mm (IP QP2 QP3 XP)

Versatile electronic multipitch operation. Less feeder inventory is required compared to traditional fixed pitch feeders. Smooth, motor-driven feeder advance is electronically controlled. This leads to fewer component mispicks. Reverse index tape drive, dramatically reduces component loss during set up. Please ask for a quote.

Machine compatibility: Fuji® IP, QP2, QP3, XP, and new models using the MFU interface.

AXIUM Media Presenter: More than just a label feeder (IP QP XP NXT)

Reduce cost, improve quality and eliminate hand assembly. Pick and place labels, insulators, interconnect, shields, antennas and other adhesive backed media with the configurable AXIUM Media Presenter available for Fuji IP/QP/XP and NXT. Please visit www.AdoptSMT.com/products/axium to learn more.

AdoptSMT Spares and Consumables Search

Big stock of FUJI spare parts! Check availability at send request using AdoptSMT spares and consumables search.

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