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PERMALEX Squeegees

Long service life, improved printing quality and ease of use

OEM Original New

Permalex™ Edge Metal Squeegees are a premium brand of metal squeegee used for SMT and Microelectronics printing applications. This leading product incorporates many customer needs such as long service life, improved printing quality and ease of use.

Permalex Edge Squeegees directly support your lead-free process by assuring maximum print quality despite the reduced wetting and joining performance of lead-free materials. Furthermore, the long life of Permalex blades reduces wasteful material maintenance and down-time cycles.

Available for a wide range of printers from many manufacturers: APS, DEK, EKRA, Elite, ERSA, ESE, Essemtec, Folungwin, Fuji, GKG/Juki, HIT, Hitachi, MPM, Panasonic, PBT, PrinTEK, Samsung, SJ Innotech, Speedline, MPM, Speedprint Europlacer, Surface Mount Techniques, Yamaha.

Universal Holder

The patented Universal Holder design gives you outstanding functionality, ergonomics and choices that enable you to achieve greater performance and profitability on your SMT line.


Lightweight, low profile holders reduce paste sticking and handling damage.


Spring steel base metal assures many thousands of flexures without failure.


Accurate blade referencing insures your setup quality.


Color choice add visual ergonomics and helps you segregate materials.


Permanent product ID helps you to track and repeat your high quality processes.


The Permalex Infused Teflon Edge reduces friction and wear – keeping your squeegees and stencils.


Adjust blade thickness and/or angle easily with product codes for intrusive paste in hole or other special applications.


Sliding paste retainers enable you to reconfigure these advanced holders for smaller/larger squeegee sizes saving time, money and storage space.


For PERMALEX™ Universal Squeegee Holder, for installing in OEM Squeegee Holders, also special versions available for enclosed print heads

Blade technology for long duty cycles:

Permalex is a multi-step metallurgical bonding process that produces a smooth, durable metal squeegee with a hard, low-friction edge designed to prevent stencil wear. Permalex Edge Metal Squeegees contain a unique base alloy and our special Permalex coating to provide superior performance.
Tempered Spring Steel Alloy assures many thousands of flexures while maintaining original shape, unlike softer blades made from stencil material.

Benefits over other metal squeegees:

Fatigue bending

Blades made with soft stainless steel or nickel are prone to bending

Fatigue warping

Soft metals allow bends and dings from handling.

Cracking and chipping

Other plated blades exhibit cracks and flakes.

Photo shows crack in a nickel blade undetectable to the eye.

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