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SIPLACE S and HOVER-DAVIS SSF feeders with short delivery times

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AdoptSMT is your number one partner for overhauled or tested feeders for SIPLACE machines and for new Hover-Davis Tape Feeders. After increasing our European feeder service capacities we can now offer overhauled SIPLACE S feeders with short delivery times, often even from stock. Contact us for a quote today!

80 pcs. 3x8mm silver 00141098 Overhauled available from stock.
100 pcs. 3x8mm silver 00141098 Tested available from stock.
Additional 3x8mm feeders on stock which can be overhauled.

Compatible pick location to your existing “Silver” and “Gold” 3x8mm feeders

Hover-Davis SSF06-08

Hover-Davis 3x8mm SSF06-08 feeders improve the pick-up rate of your machines by offering smoother indexing with stepper motors and offer great advantages for your operators including a reverse gear for easier tape loading. Hover-Davis SSF feeders are available with a pick-up position compatible to silver and gold feeders OR compatible to SL feeders. There is no need to move from silver and gold feeders to SL feeders with a different pick-up position!

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