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OEM original new

AdoptSMT is authorized distributor for the following brands:
Hover-Davis, JBC, Purex, Nortec, Plato, Count On Tools, Thermaltronics and Techspray.
Large stock of new original parts from other manufacturers from package purchases.
Your benefit: Alternative source for original parts.
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SSF SIPLACE compatible feeders

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AdoptSMT Premium New

AdoptSMT Premium products are tested and qualified.
Your benefit: With the same or better quality they also offer price advantages compared to original parts.
AdoptSMT branded spare parts and consumables, e.g. cleaning rolls or splicing material.
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AdoptSMT Premium full metal nozzle magazine for SIPLACE 7xx / 9xx series.

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overhauled or tested

Pre-owned equipment of all kinds for sale, rental or trade-in.
Your benefit: Well defined, guaranteed AdoptSMT equipment conditions make sure you know what you will get.
Repair, reuse, refurbish: for machine generations out of OEM support. For many parts, e.g. Siemens/ASM.
Your benefit: Save money and the environment by reusing. Service and repair help you to save costs for replacements of expensive parts.
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Overhauled SIPLACE star

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Original parts for low prices, AdoptSMT Premium parts and pre-owned parts in several conditions.
Consumables from several brands and AdoptSMT Premium consumables.

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special: identification

high durability labels for automotive, aerospace and other industries.

This is for the tiny ones

High durability labels, blank and printed.

AdoptSMT and Nortec are able to find a solution for almost any labelling need. Please inform us of your requirements which can include: high durability against high temperature,  aggressive cleaning solvents, aggressive environment including oil, salt,…

Auto Apply or manual application. Removeable without residues.  Self-destroying (security labels).

Labels for Auto Apply

Nortec has been a Hover-Davis partner for many years already and manufactures labels also for dedicated label applicators. Following the very successful start of the partnership between AdoptSMT and Nortec, AdoptSMT is today Nortec’s distributor for most European Countries.

nortec masking tapes
and dots

Use Nortec‘s highly durable masking dots and labels for wave soldering processes and conformal coating applications, to be placed automatically or manually. Removing the masking dots and labels will leave you with clear and clean boundaries. No extra work is needed.

conformal coating

Nortec conformal coating products are made of a Polyester film coated with a thermosetting rubberadhesive. The tape is highly conformable to the PCB tracks. After coating the dot/tape can be removed safely without leaving any residues.

nameplate & product-ID labels

DIY printing

Printers and complete printing solutions available on request.

Nortec labels and ribbons are compatible with SATO, ZEBRA, CITIZEN, TSC, DATAMAX, BRADY and CAB printers.

cable labels

Michael Rosenwirth
Product Manager Identification
Nice to identify ya! 
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get more bang for the buck

nortec polyimid masking tapes

Nortec’s polyimide adhesive tapes are high temperature resistant, up to 300°C. The adhesive is Silicon based, pressure sensitive and removable.
The adhesive does not leave any residues even after exposure to high temperatures. Thickness 1 mil. Length 33m.
Starting at EUR 1.52 per roll.

100% rebate


With support from Thermaltronics we can offer you a 100% scrapping premium for your existing soldering stations of any brand.
You can get new Thermaltronics Soldering stations with Curie Heat Technology for free. Learn more...

*) Offer valid with purchase of 25 soldering tips (per TMT-2000S) or 30 soldering tips (per TMT-9000S soldering station) and confirmation by AdoptSMT.

twist don't stick

Flexible AdoptSMT Premium Squeegee BladeS

Flexible AdoptSMT Premium Squeegee Blades for DEK and EKRA.
Increased lifetime. Stencil preserving. Higher production efficiency.

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