THT Feeder Radial

AdoptSMT Radial Automation Feeder with Siplace X Interface

AdoptSMT has completed the integration of the Hover-Davis Radial Automation Feeder for the SIPLACE SX / X series and other placement machines with SIPLACE X Feeder Interface. The new feeder is compact, easy to integrate and easily retrofittable for other component sizes.

The feeder module offers these advantages

  • Compatible with all ASM Pick & Place machines with SIPLACE X feeder and software 7.08 or higher
  • Compatible with passive clinch
  • For radial components, capacitors, varistors, LEDs and many more (see technical details)
  • Low investment costs
  • Proven Hover Davis quality
  • Compact design, only 10 feeder slots
  • Easy to operate
  • Short setup times (see video link above left)
  • Provides ribbon splicing capability; empty ribbon detection
  • Can be set up like a standard tape feeder on the feed table
  • Wide range of components
  • Easy and cost-effective changeover to other part sizes in less than 10 minutes
  • Includes removable spool holder for ammo pack or reel
  • Integrated clamping and cutting device


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AdoptSMT Feeder

AdoptSMT feeders for through hole components with siplace x interface