THT Feeder Axial

AdoptSMT Axial Automation Feeder with Siplace X Interface

AdoptSMT has completed the integration of the Axial Automation Feeder for the Siplace SX/X series and other pick-and-place machines with a Siplace X feeder interface. The new feeder is compact, easy to integrate and easily retrofittable for other component sizes.

The feeder module offers these advantages:

  • Compatible with all ASM pick-and-place machines with a Siplace X feeder and software version 7.08 or higher
  • Compatible with passive clinch
  • For axial components such as resistors, diodes, etc. (according to DIN IEC 60286)
  • Low investment costs
  • Proven quality, precise component alignment
  • Compact design, only 10/14 feeder slots
  • Easy to use
  • Can be placed on the feeder table like a normal tape feeder
  • Wide range of components
  • Offers the possibility to splice tapes
  • Empty belt detection
  • Component sensor
  • Simple and cost-effective conversion to other component sizes
  • Integrated cutting and lead moulding device
  • Coil holder included
  • Tape guide for the use of bobbin containers optionally available
  • Coil brake optionally available
  • Ammopack holder optionally available


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AdoptSMT Feeder

AdoptSMT feeders for through hole components with siplace x interface